Fr. Nicholas Stavropoulos joined St. Basil’s in 2003. He is actively involved in the overall management of St. Basil’s and leads the Executive team. He has post graduate qualifications in Education and Management.

Married with three adult children, he worked as an English teacher in the schools of our Church for 10 years before being ordained in 1999. Father Nicholas joined St. Basil’s in 2003 and was appointed CEO in 2007. He has amassed a wealth of experience in culturally appropriate aged care since coming to St. Basil’s. He has expertise in legislative compliance, needs analysis, financial and strategic planning. However, he is quick to point out that on a day to day basis, aged care is about consumer experience and that is where all his energies are focused – high quality consumer experience.

Over the years Father Nicholas has developed extensive networks within the industry, advocating for culturally appropriate care, building and developing aged care programs, and providing spiritual and pastoral care to clients, families and staff.

Father Nicholas has a vision for St. Basil’s in which consumers see their lives improve upon joining the St. Basil’s family of programs and services. He passionately wants consumers to feel they have a better life, enjoying more activities, increased socialisation, good food, timely clinical care, a safer environment with opportunities to develop new friends, new memories and even to achieve goals.

Laura Frazis is a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree specialising in Accounting, Finance and Systems. She has had extensive experience in management accounting and financial accounting in various large and small corporations.

Laura joined St. Basil’s in 2009 and has developed a deep knowledge of the aged care industry.

Laura and her hardworking finance team are responsible for managing all aspects of the organisation’s financial affairs including budgeting, financial management and reporting. Laura and her team help us keep track of the Charity’s funding and expenditure so that we can make the best decisions for the care of our elderly while maintaining viability.

Sonya’s journey in caring for people started in 1999 when she took her first job as registered nurse. Within weeks she was appointed the manager of the site and never looked back. Sonya has worked in numerous positions managing single and multi-site aged care operations. She has worked in educating clinical staff. Lifestyle and care of elderly consumers is her passion which she uses to inspire the 600 employees of St. Basil’s.

Spiro Stavis is a qualified Town Planner with over 28 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors.

Spiro joined St Basil’s in October 2016 and leads the Property, Maintenance and Procurement Teams.

Offering St. Basil’s a wealth of benchmark knowledge and best practice know-how, Spiro’s role is to ensure all that our facilities are running well, that high quality accommodation is being offered, measured and constantly improved, and that all this is done in an affordable way.

His main role and responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of Building Stocks – ensures maintenance activities are carried out in accordance with the planned Preventative Maintenance Programs and Quality Model of Care Standards, an Audit of building conditions is regularly analysed and Asset Registers are kept up to date.
  • Property Development - identifies and evaluates new opportunities for expansion and acquisitions;
  • Business Planning - provides considered input to Strategic Planning activities.
  • Management - works to foster and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Procurement – Maintains all vendor contracts
  • Fleet Management – Maintains fleet of vehicles.

Spiro shares Father Nicholas’ vision for St. Basil’s in which consumers feel their lives improve upon joining the St. Basil’s family of programs and services.

Stephen Rooke is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience and was a Director at national accounting firm William Buck prior to joining St Basil’s.

Over the last 15 years of his accounting career, Stephen developed a specialist practice providing advice and support to aged care, retirement village and charitable sector clients, including:

– Improving business systems and processes

– Risk identification, management and control

– Maximising performance and efficiency

– Strategic Planning and Goal setting

– Financing of major projects and developments

– Adapting to changing regulatory and competitive environments

– Development and implementation of reporting and accountability frameworks

Stephen Rooke joined St Basil’s in November 2016 and commenced as Chief Risk Officer in July 2019.

Offering St. Basil’s a wealth of benchmark knowledge and best practice know-how, Stephen’s role is to ensure all our systems are running well, that high quality care is being delivered, measured and constantly improved and that all this is done in an affordable way.

Lysette Mavridis joined St Basil’s in 2018 and leads the customer research and customer journey management function. As a past customer of a loved one in St Basil’s care and a potential future customer in need of aged care, Lysette is dedicated to connecting the needs of our customers with the right people and organisational capability.

Lysette has held senior roles within not for profit, banking, government and private enterprises. She brings experience in managing the implementation of significant business transformation, anticipating and addressing behavioral and cultural barriers to change at the organisational level and in product and service enhancements to customers.

Prior to joining St Basil’s, she was involved in supporting an enterprise wide shift to Customer Journey management at Westpac, laying the foundations of her experience in a human centered design approach to deliver what matters most to customers. She is passionate about the voice of the customer in their experiences.

Since joining St Basil’s, Lysette has facilitated a highly collaborative design led approach to implementing the organisation's new model of care, testing and bringing into practice new service and care approaches. She is focused on helping St Basil’s to take a customer centric view in all its activities, uniting the team in focusing our efforts to the benefit of the customer, developing and embedding organisational capability to support St Basil’s innovation in the aged care sector.

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