Private Services

Are you waiting for your government subsidised package to be approved?

Are you not eligible for a government subsidised package?

Do you want to top up your government subsidised services and are able to pay for more services?

If you are waiting for your government subsidised home care package to be approved or if you are not eligible for government subsidy, or if you want to top up your subsidised services and you are happy to pay for more St Basil’s services such as home care, day centres and overnight respite, they can be purchased privately.

Services can be purchased as one off, short term or longer term. St Basil’s Private Services may be of assistance at any time, so think of us when:

  • you need a little extra help around the house or garden
  • you or someone in your household is ill
  • there is family crisis or to prevent a family crisis
  • you come home from hospital
  • you are caring for a person, for example, someone with dementia
  • you are a carer and need some time to look after your own needs
  • you are waiting to receive government-subsidised services
  • you prefer this option

To find out more ring us on 9784 3280

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