At St Basil’s we take our food very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure we provide food that is of the highest standard and quality.

Our seasonal menus offer a variety of food throughout the year. At every meal there is usually a choice of two hot options and a cold option. These menus are developed in consultation with our dietitian and prepared fresh in our kitchens every day.

We are realistic. We know that it is impossible to please everyone, especially when it comes to food. Everybody has a different background, different tastes, and varying cultural pallets. However, we do our best to offer options to please. We also take your feedback very seriously and use it to constantly adjust what we do with food to ensure that we can continuously improve our standards.

St Basil’s food service also takes into account religious and dietary requirements.

We think you will notice the difference when you come to share a meal with us. That is why we confidently encourage families and guests to share meals with our residents.

St Basil’s has five aged care facilities across Sydney. Each of them offers a variety of accommodation options from standard and shared rooms to single and two room suites. St Basils has something for every budget.

When thinking of accommodation in aged care, just like buying a home, or staying at a hotel, you will think of location, price, facilities, how well appointed it is and you will weigh up your requirements with what you can afford.

All aged care providers are required to publish their prices on their websites. So, you can look at the location the photographs and the prices to gauge which of the facilities might be right for you. Then of course, you can choose to visit and see for yourself.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for in one of St. Basil’s facilities.

Speak with us today to find out more.

We pride ourselves in the many and varied activities and programs that we have on offer. It is our genuine goal that you feel that you had a good day, that you enjoyed yourself, that you spent your time doing meaningful things. This could be something as simple as sharing time with a fellow resident or staff and having a good chat over a cup of tea. It could include going on a great excursion which you normally couldn’t do if you were living at home. Perhaps you enjoy the noise and hubbub of the preschool that visits every month or so, or the animal farm that is arranged to inspire joy and memories. You may want to engage in cooking activities, or enjoy a game of cards, or share in potting some plants with new friends. There are visiting choirs, theme days and to tell you the truth, we look for any excuse to put on a party. We have group exercises, physio sessions, movies, sing a long, art classes, discussion groups, pastoral visits and so much more.

We link residents to local community activities and events.

Our residents are using iPads to explore the planet in Google Maps, Video calls to relatives, streaming favorite music or movies, catch up on the daily news and world events or participate in church services.

We want to understand you, and know what your choices are on a day-to-day basis, so that we can help you live the life that you want. Today you might want to be alone, or you may wish to be part of a small group, or sharing in a noisy large group activity. The choice is yours. Our job is to offer the options and to facilitate your choices as much as possible.

We have chapels in most of our facilities and support residents to access their preferred places of worship.

Being a church-based charity, we make our best effort to encourage regular visits by priests and pastors of various denominations. You are also welcome to encourage your own pastor to visit you as regularly as you want.

Our aged care facilities at Miranda, Lakemba, Kogarah and Randwick each have a small Greek Orthodox chapel and regular Greek Orthodox worship services conducted by the visiting local parish priests.

Visit St. Basil’s at the site of your choice to see the lifestyle, the environment and the activities