If you are caring for an older person at home, there are options available to give you a break.

The word “respite” means having a rest. You might to have some time-out, or perhaps you are going on a holiday or undergoing an operation.

Respite services can include any of the following:

Overnight Respite

We will look after your loved one in one of our facilities for a single night. The next day they can participate in our day centre or you can collect them and go back home. Accommodation will be in an aged care room with a private lounge area and televisions, shower and toilet facilities. The rooms usually include a kitchenette. A single staff member will stay with your loved one overnight, sleeping in an adjacent room. Hot fresh meal provided and activities organised. Overnight respite is run as part of St. Basil’s Community Care programs and can be accessed by calling 02 9784 3280

Short Term Respite

Every older Australian has the right to access short term respite for up to 63 days per year. In some cases the Department of Health will approve extensions to the 63 days. At St. Basil’s we offer short term respite in our aged care facilities when there are spare rooms available. Short term respite care is the same as residential aged care, except that it is temporary. Each day the resident will enjoy full nursing care, medication management, freshly cooked hot meals, cleaning, laundry excursions and activities. Short term respite is run as part of St. Basil’s residential aged care services and may be accessed by calling 02 9784 3200.

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