Search for a new home

If you have been assessed as eligible for the residential aged care you will have to find a home. You can visit to find your nearest ACAT and to search for residential aged care homes.

When deciding on an aged care home, it is important to find out if the home has the care and services you need, now and into the future. The best way to find a place that suits you is to visit a few different homes to find out:

  • what the accommodation is like
  • what types of care, services and activities they offer
  • how they can best serve your needs
  • the fees payable for care and services and what they mean
  • accommodation prices and what they mean
  • any additional services they offer.

There are resources available that provide helpful criteria when assessing the suitability of the home for yourself or a loved one. You may wish to consider the proximity of the home, its ownership and governance, download quality reports, speak with other people and read online reviews and social media.

Other questions to ask include the availability of public transport and importantly does the home smell fresh and have a good feel when you walk through?

Narrow your search and arrange to visit two or three homes, if possible, and see what feels right.

Ask to have a look at the menu and dining room at mealtime, check out the outdoor spaces, walking paths and recreation program.

Find providers in your local area with help from your assessor, by using the service finder or calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, and contact the aged care home/s to arrange a time to visit.

Visit St. Basil’s at the site of your choice to see the lifestyle, the environment and the activities